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Jade ornaments of ice in advance for your kind of romantic Christmas night boo
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Since ancient times, jade is the most popular Chinese jade has always been regarded as auspicious objects, and Jade is the most rare jade, one of the most expensive varieties. Ice types is in the top grade emerald, very popular in recent years, it does not taste the gold secular, not the price of diamonds out of reach, is tastes good choice, very popular with Bo Po Art Network Friends of the love and pursuit of possession. Bo Bao Jade Art Network responsible person, the ice kind of jade texture and old crater species are similar, colorless or less colored, outer layer of ice species is characterized by good surface gloss, translucent to transparent, clear Shining , gives a feeling of Bingqing Yu Ying, Yu-yi, percussion sound was crisp metal sound, look and feel like Yu-yi, the morphology of ice crystals. Bo Po shown online auction this kind of jade egg noodle ice 18K rose gold diamond ring set, egg surface water of, Ice, and crystal clear and full of luster. 18K rose gold ring inlaid, full circles are true diamond, egg noodles long 0.7CM, width 0.65CM, also included within the certificate, quality is guaranteed. Bo Po shown online auction is another kind of ice from the fluorescent emerald green beans A small cargo. It is carved from natural jade stone, each product unique and distinctive colors, exquisite shapes, natural jade wearing, the color of the more insightful and beautiful, played evil, the role of good fortune. Jade green beans pendant, simple design will smooth lines and fashion beautiful emerald fusion, the interpretation of the understanding of life in harmony, composing is worth bearing in mind the beauty of eternal life. 【Comment】 Bo Po is a symbol of pure elegance, whether the ice kind of jade egg noodles 18K rose gold diamond ring set or an auspicious meaning, meaning to take Four Seasons safe, pure, refreshing ice planting small fluorescent emerald green beans, all You can be in the upcoming Christmas, gift your sweetheart or friends and family the best gift choice.