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China and Hong Kong comfortable life Emerald City
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It was straight forward towards the ideal, non-ideal factors in rejection of all the temptation, they become the ideal of the Puritans; one accepts the temptation of material and other factors, a temporary deviation from the ideal path, when the desire to meet again after they return to the ideal line, as curve idealists; was completely abandoned the ideal, pursued for many other objectives, the ideal path never going to become non-idealists. We are the first people to show respect to the second person as a role model, and do not want to be a third person, then we should not sort out yourself some time, our ideals gone? As the times call for a hero. In this material, location, impetuous filled era, we need to idealism. For a city, we need those who never compromise on building the ideal home. Had lived in the upscale downtown district, with more and more successful career, was gradually have a desire. Want to leave from one to another high-rise high life, down to earth back to the ground; desire to leave the crowded elevator noisy life, give a completely different family life; desire to create a whole new realm of life, I came to China and Hong Kong Emerald City (Forum Album Reviews Map Search Open House units). Heart is very contradictory, both eager and afraid of losing their life, new life convenient, China and Hong Kong so I have no trade-off the Emerald City. She is located in the River District urban complex features two of the most focused forum Metro Airport. In this volume was only 2.5 on the land, forming a main house, villas, supplemented by support for the help of the house recreation Area. Panda Convention Center houses the region, Metro Hall Square, Guanyinyan ecological park, Bayu Culture Park, Yubei Stadium, the headquarters base of 500, 5 major airlines flight attendants of the house, a large five-star hotel ... let me play on the already very comfortable life with more vision. Busy work, so me and my family less and less time together, they are more and more important to me, really want to give them more. China and Hong Kong jumped the Emerald City scene unique villa homes, an increase of the light house point of view, reshaped human comfort and space scales. Natural, smooth, or milky way of stars. Visible within the courtyard sitting in the blue sky and white clouds, the stars; visible under the grass Yiyi, water gurgling, heart, with the nature. Wife complain son play in the garden, hands full of mud, is not that I want to give him close to nature's childhood? Young man shouted over time and Jiang Yu Heng's "Looking back", then do not know "was the faint of secretly asking repeatedly, before we know nothing exciting is really from the leisurely," I was longing for now impetuous plain, is the first a feeling to see the Emerald City. The landscape has been like the Emerald City demonstration area, do not take center there is a simple and elegant beauty. Beautiful natural environment within the Emerald City, and occasionally have to sit in the spacious terrace overlooking the area with one of Tao's lines, "warm warm Afar village, Yiyi Market in the smoke," the pastoral scenery. Sunshine overflow room, unique garden, health, clean living, peaceful atmosphere of the home ... .... Into it, as if back in the long dream of a Tuscan style, has been hoping there is a safe haven, where there is no noisy sound and intruder, only you and those who want to see their own people. To have her - China and Hong Kong Emerald City, just because of that encounter, for which, I believe I will be happy life.